Unique offers and information whenever and wherever you want it

Consumers are looking for unique offers and information and this increasingly online …

The challenge for consumers is to find the products & services desired by him and this at the best possible price and service. It is the challenge for entrepreneurs to always be there where the customer looks for these products & services, online …

Qonect improves your discoverability in the New Media.


Be present in the local online world, where the consumer shops.

Qonect ensures that the products & services of local entrepreneurs are optimally discoverable and thus available to consumers, “anytime”, “any place” and through “any device” and this on Facebook, Twitter, Web and of course mobile.

Qonect offers you an easy, quick and efficient tool for the New Media


Be discoverable through mobile, social media and web.

One-stop-shop & Multi-Channel

Qonect offers entrepreneurs a One-Stop-Shop solution that enables them to create commercial campaigns once but deploy them multi-channel, so distribute them over the Web, Facebook, Twitter and Mobile. One-Stop-Shop, because a campaign has to be created only once and is then distributed to the selected channels automatically.

Netwerk with own Branding & Real-time

The unique bundling of all consumers and all businesses and their campaigns leads to a large and quickly growing network and marketing reach for the entrepreneurs (currently 45.000 downloads), but in a way that retains own branding for each entrepreneur through their own Web, Facebook and Twitter pages and own mobile apps. The created campaigns appear immediately, so real-time on the channels chosen by the entrepreneur.

Qonect offers you your own branded, multichannel tool for the New Media


Qonect offers entrepreneurs own branded tools.

Mobile Apps (iPhone and Android) with own pictures, colors, logos and thus own look & feel. These can be downloaded for free by consumers. You can reach your customers continuously and directly by sending pushnotifications and exclusive campaigns.
Facebook and Twitter pages with own branding and look & feel. Other popular social networks will follow soon.
For each campaign, a Web page is created with own branding, look and feel, and back links to their own mobile apps, website and social media. These pages are again discoverable via Google or other search engines.
Here you can quickly and easily create campaigns which can be directly distributed through the desired channels. The results of each of the campaigns and your mobile downloads can also be monitored in this tool.

Join the new online marketing platform.

Joining means that you immediately get access to our platform to create your own campaigns. You can then advertise in the Qonect mobile network with 45,000 app downloads, social media pages and the web. Also, we will build your own branded mobile apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android (phones and tablets) conform your expressed wishes.

If you desire assistance in creating your campaigns or design of your apps or if you want to outsource your new media marketing completely, you can contact us any time. Our specialists will work with you to agree the appropriate form of support for you.

Contact Qonect for a personal meeting and quote.

Qonect has a personal offer adapted to your needs.


Let’s Qonect

View and Qonect to all our customers.

If you are interested and want to know more, please download one of our apps via the links below, check out our app tutorial, view our brochure or contact us.

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